Distinctive Australian Foods

Growing premium brands


Becoming the valued delicatessen

Australian food companies need to re-think and re-position their products in the global market through delivering unique, high value distinctive Australian food products to the world.

Clean & green is losing value

The Australian food industry has been reaping the benefit of a “clean and green” Australian brand domestically and internationally for many years. However, this competitive advantage is uncontrollable and unsustainable with heavy erosion of that advantage already occurring as other countries continue to improve their environments and production practices with new technology.

From commodities to specialties

Much of Australia’s current Agri-food exports are sold as commodities with globally-influenced prices. Whilst such large volume trade is good for establishing and driving efficiencies of production, it means that Australia is typically competing with lower cost production regions. The current opportunity is to use technical differentiation to transition to higher value opportunities such as those which are priced per eating occasion rather than per Tonne.